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Friday, March 26, 2010

Life on Mars.

Didn't sleep on the plane on the way over. 'Nuff said. After what felt like an entire lifetime of non-vegan food (my meals were marked No nuts! No vegan! ... so I ate croissants. Ugh. Tummy hurts). and neck cricks, we arrived and got suitably frazzled on the way to our hostel.

I was pretty upset to find out that we were sharing a room with people of other nationalities who don't speak English. Like, this Spanish girl I was talking to had me thinking "this is so not what I had in mind. I thought I could travel and just see other cultures". This other stuff is an unpleasant side effect if there ever was one.

I haven't seen much of London yet, just what was visible on the train and the short walk from Kings Cross station to here. And no, Harry Potter fanatics, I haven't seen platform nine and three quarters yet. However, there is a dog-eared copy of Order of the Phoenix sitting on a coffee table in the hostel. Same diff, right? Oh, shut up, you freaks.

I miss everyone already. Today I will properly discover London. And some of my clothes, I am convinced, will always smell like aeroplane.


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